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About Us

Cornucopia is an allergy friendly food store based in Carterton, Wairarapa.
We source a variety of products from both New Zealand and International suppliers.
We have a friendly and knowledgeable team willing to help with any queries you may have.

Please feel free to contact us.

The idea for Cornucopia started with Tara...

Tara's story

After years of health issues I was relieved in 2012 to finally have a cause - Gluten. And a simple solution, going gluten free. But what started out as seemingly simple, ridding my diet of all products containing gluten, suddenly felt very overwhelming and it become a real struggle when I realised that I was affected by other foods as well as any skin care products & household cleaners that contained gluten.

I found myself struggling to read food labels, struggling to remember what contained gluten & what didn't (barley, malt, what about maltodextrin??) and while my trolley was half empty it took twice as long. But I felt so much better, my stomach no longer complained after eating, I was no longer bloated, I could actually walk without pain. Suddenly all the mystery illness's, aches & pains made sense to me.

After two years of being gluten free, I had a two week holiday in Melbourne, Australia, where I was taken to a gluten free cafe/supermarket. The realisation that here was a place that catered solely to gluten free, dairy free & other allergy friendly foods made me realise what we were missing out on in rural Wairarapa. Here was a place I could shop to my hearts content without having to worry about whether it would make me sick, or having to pass by foods that I could no longer touch, and better still, it wasn't just all biscuits and cake mixes. It was real food that I could cook at home with - pasta & pasta sauces, all varieties of stocks and pantry items that I had ceased to cook with. The idea for Cornucopia was born. You can read more about it here...

My sister Jasmine, who also works at Cornucopia, and lives with me, is gluten & dairy intolerant & allergic to coconut, and Cornucopia has given us the ability to find safe, healthy and delicious food to cook with that also caters for other types of food intolerance's & allergies. We no longer miss out on the foods we love, our pantry is well stocked once again, and we have the opportunity to try foods we never thought we'd eat.

So follow us on Facebook & check out my blog for recipes you can create just by shopping here at Cornucopia, with modifications included to suit various dietry needs. Happy & healthy eating!


Cornucopia is all about giving you choices. We've got all the healthy basics covered, from gluten free pasta and canned goods, to stocks, spreads and sauces - as well as those special treats.

Which means you don't have to get stuck having the same thing over and over again - or cooking one meal for the person with the allergy and another for the rest of the family.

We've been getting a great response to the Cornucopia range since opening in August 2015 so we're taking it to the next level with our online shop.

We're constantly sourcing new products and we'd love to help you find what you need - so please CONTACT US anytime.

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