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Burgers for BBQ season

October 24, 2016

Gluten Free/Dairy Free - Vegan/Vegetarian Options

Like pizza, I absolutely love burgers as you can get as creative as you want to be! On Saturday, we decided to make Hawaiian Style burgers, with Premier Beehive Shaved Ham & tinned pineapple, and everyone (including our guests who aren't gluten free) absolutely loved the...
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Chicken Soup

October 4, 2016

Gluten Free & Dairy Free - Vegan/Vegetarian Options Below

This is an absolutely fantastic recipe that my mum always made for me when I was sick, which makes use of the leftovers from Roast Chicken. I always try to have a couple containers of this sitting in the freezer for when I start to feel sick. Bear in mind all ingredients in ...
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Quart Cake

September 14, 2016

Gluten Free - Dairy Free/Vegan/Vegetarian Options

Quite possibly the easiest gluten free cake I've ever come across, Quart cake is, quite literally, a quarter of a Pound Cake, and there are many variations of it, but here is the basic recipe: Ingredients - 1 Cup Orgran Self Raising Flour - 3 Eggs or 3 Teaspoons of Orgr...
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Spaghetti & Meatballs

September 9, 2016

Gluten Free/Dairy Free - Vegan & Vegetarian Options Below

Ingredients For the Meatballs - (See below for a Vegan Ball recipe) - 1 Pack of Beef or Lamb Mince - Herbs & Spices - Parsley/Oregano/Basil/Paprika - about 2 teaspoons of each - Salt & Pepper - 1/4 cup of Orgran Rice Crumbs - 1 Egg, beaten, or 2 Tablesoons of...
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Bibimbap - Korean Stir Fry

September 6, 2016

Gluten Free/Dairy Free - Vegan/Vegetarian Options Available

So I found this recipe online, and there are so many variations on it, you can basically add anything you want & take away any ingredients you don't want. While the prep time does take about 10-15 minutes, the cooking time is actually incredibly quick. This has easily be...
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Chicken Teriyaki Kebabs

September 2, 2016

Gluten Free/Dairy Free - Vegan/Vegetarian Options Below

Kebab's on the BBQ are a summer favourite, but you don't have to limit yourself to having them just in the summer. Here's a winter alternative that works beautifully on a bed of steamed quinoa & rice. Ingredients - 2 Chicken Breasts, skinless & chopped - 1 Onion,...
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Easy Lasagne

August 30, 2016

Gluten Free/ Dairy Free - Vegan/Vegetarian Options Below

Lasagna has always been one of my favourite meals, all the way back to when I was kid. Unfortunately, it also wasn't a cheap meal, and as my parent's had more kids it became a very rare treat. It was one of the few foods I didn't get to say goodbye to when I went gluten free...
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Gluten Free/Dairy Free - Vegan/Vegetarian Option Below

This dish was inspired by the traditional Beef Iskander Kebab with some major modifications, ie no Kebab Wrap! I've always been a huge fan of Turkish food, but of course it can be a bit nerve wracking going out to eat & never being sure about ingredients & cross cont...
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Gluten Free - Vegan/Vegetarian Option Below

I make stir fry's on a regular basis, and I absolutely love Chicken/Cashew stir fry, so I decided to try it with the GF Treets coated chicken, just because I'm a bit lazy when it comes to cooking. Any time I can find a shortcut I will, and the GF Treets Chicken worked wonder...
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Quick & Easy Nacho's

August 8, 2016

Gluten Free/Dairy Free - Vegan & Vegetarian Options

Nacho's is such a versatile dish to make, it can be made with mince or chicken, or without meat all together! Beans & lentils are a great alternative to make this dish Vegan/Vegetarian, as is tofu or eggplant. You can add any vegies you like to it and it will still taste...
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