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Premixes - Dirty Word or The Best Thing Ever??

Before I went gluten free, the word "Premix" when applied to baking was the dirtiest word I could think of. There was nothing like pulling out all the ingredients & baking materials & making a cake from scratch. It felt like a reward for all the "hard work" that went into baking, look what I made, from beginning to end, this gorgeous cake/bikkies/etc. A Premix felt like cheating... All I did was add water, or eggs, or oil. No real skill or art to it.

After going gluten free, I tried... Oh did I try, and try, and try. And I failed. Again and again, my baking flopped. It felt like an expensive exercise in failure. So I gave up baking. Eventually I decided to try again, but this time I used a premix. It was for a chocolate cake, and I tell you what, when that cake came out of the oven I felt such a huge sense of accomplishment in it. Here it was, the holy grail, a gluten free cake that didn't fall apart the moment I took it out of the oven. I had done it! Suddenly premixes didn't seem like such a dirty word at all. Here was something that I had once enjoyed doing so much (the art of baking), that I was finally able to do again & be able to eat safely at a fairly low cost. 

With all the research I'd done on gluten free baking, it seemed like you needed 5+ different flours for the baking to work, and those flours weren't cheap. Combine expense with the fact that a lot of it's experimentation until you get the right mixture, I just didn't think it was worth my time.With a premix however, somewhere someone had already done the hard work for me, they'd found the winning formula of flours & ratios, and boxed it up for me all ready to take home & bake. With the change of thought process I was able to accept that from here on out, I would be a dedicated premix user. 

So how about you guys? Are you in the "make from scratch" camp, or do you, like me, find premixes much easier?

Check out our "Yes You Can" premix range here. With a wide variety of choices, there's something for everyone from sweet to savoury. And if you so choose, you can definitely mix it up. We've made half chocolate, half vanilla cupcakes, mixed vanilla & red velvet cupcake mix, and we've also practised a unicorn cake using these premixes as well... Check back later for full instructions on a gluten, dairy, egg free, vegan unicorn cake with marshmellow fondant coming later this year, in the meantime, here's a preview :)


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