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Quick and easy Chicken Salads

Summer is here so it's time for light & easy meals! Who wants to be slaving over the stove when the weather has been so gorgeous (okay, not counting last weeks weather bomb lol). I've been playing around with the classic chicken salad since it's so easy to cook, there's barely any prep time & they're light on the stomach while being filling... not to mention the nom nom factor!

Since we've also planted a rather large veggie garden, and we've got several types of lettuce growing as well as herbs (and cherry tomato plants!! Go little plants go!), I've been so excited to play around with the food we're growing!

So to kick things off - Chicken Salad #1

- GFTreets Coated Chicken
- Lettuce, shredded
- Tomato, diced
- Cucumber, sliced
- Boiled Egg/s
- Ozganics Balsamic Vinegar
- Salt & Pepper to taste
- Optional, fresh parsley, chopped

- Heat a fry pan to a medium heat, coating with a little bit of oil. Cook the chicken over a low temperature until the chicken is lightly browned & cooked all the way through. Put aside to cool
- In a large bowl combine lettuce, tomato & cucumber (and parsley if you've got some), drizzle with Ozganics Balsamic Vinegar & lightly toss so all ingredients are lightly coated with the Balsamic Vinegar.
- Cracked the boiled eggs & chop them up, then toss them in the salad
- Add the chicken, sprinkle with a little bit of salt & pepper (to taste), and serve

Tips & Suggestions

- This makes a great side dish to take to any bbq
- Pack ingredients in a mason jar (balsamic vinegar, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, parsley, egg, chicken) and take to work, school, or out on a picnic.
- Substitute out the Ozganics Balsamic Vinegar for Ozganics Creamy Avocado dressing for a completely new flavour!

Recipe number 2 coming soon!


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