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KFC Gluten Free Style Part 2

Following on from our previous KFC post, here is a 2nd variation that's a little more simple to put together.


- GFTreets Country Style Chicken
- Pams Fries
- Chicken Salt (optional)
- Mashed Potato
- Orgran Gravy Mix
- Ancient Grains Bakery Garlic & Herb Loaf


- Preheat oven to 180, place fries on a tray & bake.
- Also put the Garlic & Herb Loaf in the oven to bake, while the fries are cooking.
- In a large pot, place in peeled potatoes & boil until soft. Mash, cover & put aside.
- Place chicken pieces on to the same tray as the fries, about half way through cooking the fries, usually about 20 minutes in. Make sure to turn the chicken pieces about 10 minutes in to cooking time.
- Boil the kettle, and mix with Orgran Vegetable Gravy mix in a large cup until you get a consistency you are happy with.

Dishing up

- Make sure to pour the gravy over the mashed potato, creating a little pool of gravy on the plate.
- Sprinkle Chicken Salt over the chips for more flavour
- Evenly distribute both chicken pieces & Garlic & Herb Loaf


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