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Building The Perfect Protein Bowl

So a couple posts ago I shared my Falafel Protein Bowl, and told you I'd be sharing a few more! There is quite the art to making a protein bowl, I've posted a picture below as this is what I use to build my bowls, though I do tend to take creative licence due to my various food issues (no high fibre vegetables allowed!!). So kudos to Lorna Jane Active Living for their wonderful help!

Breakfast Bowl

For a quick and easy protein hit at breakfast I like a fair sized bowl of Greek Yoghurt, I recommend using the Raglan Coconut Company's Dairy Free Coconut Yoghut, and of course to make things even easier, try a Granola Jar, and then I add various fruit like pineapple & mango, peaches, berries, banana, whatever you feel like really! Also this makes a really quick & easy snack.

I recommend checking out Good For You on facebook, they have a fantastic video on Protein Tubs which was what peaked my interest in Protein Bowls in general.

Lunch or Dinner Bowl

Now this has a few more ingredients in it than the breakfast bowl, making it a fantastic lunch or dinner meal. So to follow the guidlines set out in the protein bowl checklist, lets start -

Base - Lettuce
Veggies - Carrot sticks, cucumber, red onion
Fruity Goodness - Tomato - I'm going to claim Tomato here as everyone knows it's fruit
Protein - Ceres Organics Chickpeas which I home roasted
Healthy Fats - To be honest, I missed this step as I didn't have anything at hand at the time, but next time I'm going to use Ozganics Avocado Dressing
Complex Carbohydrates - Baked Kumara
A little something extra - Again I missed this step, but if I'd thought about it, I would've added Ceres Organics Sesame Seeds, or even Ceres Organics Peanuts.

So there you have, a quick and easy way to build a protein bowl which looks delicious and is really healthy to boot! The best part is of course you can substitute any ingredient in or out to make it completely unique each time & suit whatever your dietary requirements are!


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