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My New Obsession - Falafels! Part 2

Falafel Wraps

Continuing on from Part 1, I've always enjoyed wraps but finding gluten free ones that didn't taste like cardboard has been hard. However I finally discovered these ones by Old Time Bakery, and they are absolutely delicious, don't taste like cardboard, and best of all don't soak up all the sauce leaving the rest of the food feeling dry! So here's my take on the old falafel wrap!


- Old Time Bakery Wraps 4 Pack
- Orgran Falafel Mix or Ceres Organics Falafel Meal
- Barkers Beetroot Chutney & Lisa's Hummus or sauces of choice (Try Barkers Sweet Chilli Sauce with Greek Yoghurt!)
- Wrap fillings - I personally prefer shredded lettuce with grated carrot, some thinly slice red onion & cucumber, and cherry tomato's, but whatever you have in your fridge will work!


- Mix together the falafel mix with water, and bake in the oven at 180 for 10-15 minutes, until crunchy & golden on the outside.
- Prepare all your wrap fillings, chop up any vegetables you wish to use
- Bake wraps in oven on 180 for about 5 minutes, flipping half way through.
- Create your wraps! First lay out the vegetables, add the falafels & then put on your sauces of choice, roll the wrap together & enjoy!

Tips & Suggestions
- For the family member who isn't keen on falafels (I understand not everyone is obsessed with them like I am) cook them up some GFTreets Country Style Chicken instead, as you can see in the photo I did that for the non vegetarians in the house, and they said it was really tasty!
- Pair with homemade Kumara Fries (for the non kiwi, Sweet Potato) - you'll find the recipe in our Friday Night Fish & Chips recipe post.


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