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Gnocchi Bake

So sorry about being awol recently! This year has been very hectic, what with moving in the engraving business, and then I've been having more health issues, which has finally been fully diagnosed (I hope!!). While none of these are curable, there are various treatment options available but some of them will be in Auckland.

So with my health being very bad this year I haven't quite had the time or energy to trial new recipes, and one of my conditions causes food allergies, so what I've been able to eat has been severely restricted. Hopefully going forward though things will improve & I will be able to bring you more new recipes more often.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Nut Free, Vegan

I stumbled across a picture of a gorgeous looking gnocchi bake that I decided I just had to try out, and it was absolutely delicious! Made it completely gluten & dairy free, and vegan, and even the family members who don't usually eat this way gobbled it up and went back for seconds!


- Simply Wize Potato Gnocchi
- 2 tins of Delmaine Tomatoes
- 1 tin of Eskal Pasta Sauce
- Fresh vegetables - we chose spinach leaves & mushrooms
- Herbs & spices - we chose Italian style flavouring with basil & oregano
- Angelfood Dairy Free Cheese Sauce Alternative


- Boil gnocchi in a pot of water with a little bit of salt until cooked
- In a large oven proof dish mix together the Delmaine Tomatoes, Pasta Sauce, fresh vegetables & herbs & spices. Add in the gnocchi.
- Mix the Angelfood cheese sauce & pour over the top of the mix.
- Bake in the oven at 180 until everything is thoroughly cooked & the cheese sauce is just starting to get crunchy.
- Serve with a side salad & enjoy!

Tips & Suggestions
- Pair with Purebread Garlic Flattie if you need the meal to go a bit further
- If you've got leftovers, throw it into a resealable container and take it to work for lunch, all you need is a microwave to quickly reheat it.


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