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New Year, New Ventures

So it has been a while since our last blog post, sorry for that guys! I had a whole list of recipes I wanted to try & then share with you all, but it all got a little sidelined over the Christmas period, not just due to the craziness here instore, but due to being sick for almost a month over the holiday period.

As I've explained before, not only do we have Cornucopia, but we also run Video Ezy & NZ Post instore. As you can imagine, we were fairly busy with all the Christmas sending over December with NZ Post, and then with the combination of bad weather & school holidays we've been fairly busy with Video Ezy as well. On top of that, we've just put in a fourth local business, which has kept us manically busy!

Our local Engraving shop was all set to shut down at the end of last year, due to the owner's failing health. As we seem to have a habit of doing, we purchased the business, and over the the first couple of weeks of the new year, we transplanted all the machines, stock & staff into our store. We are finally beginning to get everything settled down, though there is a lot of stock to work our way through, so I thought I'd give you a quick update on why we've been so quiet recently.

As always, we thank you guys all for your wonderful support, and look forward to sourcing new products for you all.

Happy New Year!


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