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Are your household cleaners gluten free?

What to stay away from & products that are safe

Do you suffer from skin irritations & allergies? Eczema, dermatitis, random rashes? Are you aware that it could be caused by gluten or dairy contained in your household cleaning products, including dishwashing liquid & laundry powders?

For years as a kid I suffered with severe eczema. By the time I was a teenager I'd moved on from eczema to full dermatitis covering my hands. As many woman in my family suffered from dermatitis I figured it was just an inherited trait & put up with it. By the time I was in my late teens, it had gotten to the point where my fingers were so irritated that I couldn't even hold a pen without my fingers cracking and bleeding.

I cut out all chocolate (the horror!) and that helped, so I just fell in to the habit of cutting chocolate out whenever I had a bad flare up. It wasn't until I'd been gluten free for about 8 months that I realized that my hands had cleared up without me noticing it! I rejoiced in the side benefit I'd found from going gluten free, my hands were no longer cracked & bleeding. It was such a blessing.

However only a few months after that it started happening again. And I couldn't figure it out. I was eating at home exclusively, cooking all my own meals from scratch with either just whole foods or trusted gluten free products. And then the connection was suddenly made. If gluten is in virtually everything, then was it possibly in my household cleaning products & personal care items. Sure enough, they all contained gluten & dairy.

Making the switch from household products containing gluten can actually almost be harder to make than the change of diet, just due to the fact that aren't any real ingredient disclosure laws surrounding items that aren't edible. Yes, they do have to disclose the ingredients, but unlike food laws, they don't have to state whether it contains wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, etc... (I feel like one has to have a degree in science to be able to understand the ingredients on cleaning products!).

So to help, here's a list of products that contain gluten & other known allergens:

Cleaners - Oven, Surface, Bathroom sprays
Dish washing Detergents/tablets
Laundry Liquids/Powders
Aerosol Sprays
Carpet Cleaners
Beauty Products including foundations, concealers, eye shadows etc...
Hair products including shampoo's, conditioners etc...
Facial Cleansers
Moisterisers (both body and facial)
Soaps (both liquid & bars)

And the list goes on! Sadly, we are living in a gluten filled world (and I am a gluten free girl :D ). However there are some fantastic companies out there who don't have gluten in their products!

I personally use the Ecover Laundry Liquid (gluten & dairy free & vegan) & Ecover Dishwashing Liquid (gluten free). For cleaning I use white vinegar & baking soda, and also Eco Planet cleaning products as they are gluten & dairy free & eco friendly. Another great brand is Eco Store, tho sadly some of their products do contain gluten, and they are all filled with coconut, which is a concern in my household as my sister is highly allergic to coconut. Palmolive do have some gluten free cleaning products, but it can be a bit of pain searching through their website for the gluten free products.

A soap brand I absolutely love is Skinfood! They are really upfront with their product ingredients and as most of their products have less than 7 ingredients and all natural, it makes it so much easier. Plus it's an NZ company, and I love to support homegrown businesses.

Speaking of homegrown, we have several Nutrimetics reps here in the Wairarapa, and they have a gluten free skin care line! Lisa is our Carterton rep, and she offers the Comfort range, which is completely gluten free!

There are still items I'm personally looking for that are gluten free (most specifically makeup) so if you have any other companies for us, please share them with us on facebook!


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