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Carterton's Daffodil Festival

So Carterton's annual Daffodil Festival is just around the corner, the day we celebrate the arrival of Spring! If you're not aware, Carterton claims to be the home of the Daffodil... And judging by the amount of them popping up everywhere, I'd say the claim isn't too wrong! So this year the fair is on Sunday the 11th, starting at 9am & finishing about 3:30pm. There's always so many stalls to check out (a great way to get a jump start on Christmas shopping), a few rides for the kids, lots of food trucks & a trip out to Middlerun to pick your own daffodils.

This year, we will be having a stall out the front of the store, from about 10 am onwards, selling Phoenix Bakery hot pies, mini loaves, candy floss & assorted other allergy friendly snacks. So don't worry about finding safe food to eat if you're coming along, we will have tons & it's all prepackaged so there is no chance of accidental cross contamination & it'll have all the ingredients written on it.

For those of you who may not have stopped by the store yet, we do have Eftpos available & it's great chance to stock up on our frozen goods, so remember to bring a chilly bin with you! Looking forward to seeing you all!


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