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Easy Lasagne

Gluten Free/ Dairy Free - Vegan/Vegetarian Options Below

Lasagna has always been one of my favourite meals, all the way back to when I was kid. Unfortunately, it also wasn't a cheap meal, and as my parent's had more kids it became a very rare treat. It was one of the few foods I didn't get to say goodbye to when I went gluten free as I had no idea how to make it. So when I found gluten free lasagna sheets, I started mucking about with different recipes.

I've tried 3 different types of Lasagna sheets, and personally the Phoenix Bakery ones were the best. Next came a workable sauce, it kept flopping, but was tasty enough to eat, I just couldn't get the Delmaine Tomato's into a thick enough pasta sauce for Lasagna, and I didn't have much luck with the thickness of the Cheesey Sauce Mix... Then I found the Eskal Lasagna Sauce, and magically it all came together!

And better yet, Jasmine (who has always hated pasta) absolutely loved it, so now it's a staple meal in our household. So without further ado:

Easy Lasagna
Serves 6


- 300-500g Mince
- Lasagne Sheets
- Mushrooms/Spinach/Peeled Courgettes
- 2 Tubs of Eskal Lasagna Sauce
- 1 Cup of Angelfood Cheesy Sauce Mix
- 100g Angelfood Mozzarella Alternative, grated or Parmesan Alternative

- Preheat oven to 200 degrees
- Make up cheese sauce according to box, making sure not to thin it too much
- Pan fry mince until browned
- Layer baking dish with uncooked Lasagna sheets, Lasagna Sauce, Mince, Vege & Cheese sauce. Keep layering until all ingredients have been used.
- Top with remaining Lasagna Sauce & Cheesey Sauce mix (and I like to grate a little bit of Angelfood Mozzarella Alternative on top)
- Bake for 1 hour or until Lasagna sheets are soft.

Serve with fresh garden salad.

Tips & Suggestions

- For a Vegan/Vegetarian option, mashed Eggplant works fantastically as a filling meat substitute, mixed with Tofu. You can then add mushrooms, onion & spinach in strips on top.
- Also for Vegans, don't use the Phoenix Bakery Lasagna sheets, as they do have eggs, instead you can substitute the sheets for thinly sliced large Zucchini. The Zucchini will soak up the sauce in the same way the Lasagana sheets would, so even if you don't like Zucchini, you won't taste it!
- The lasagna, once cooked, is freezable... So even if you can't eat it all in one go, you can pop it into freezable containers and then defrost & microwave heat later. Makes an easy lunch for work days.
- Massive tip, on the bottom of your baking dish, spread a thin layer of Eskal Lasagna Sauce before you lay your first Lasagna sheet down. This will stop the Lasagana from sticking to the bottom of the dish. Alternatively you can use baking paper.


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