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I've been wanting to get stuck into this blog thing for a while, to be honest with you, but I was never quite sure where to start, or what I wanted this blog to achieve. Do I want to use this to keep everyone up to date with what's going on in the community or to share recipes or instore happenings? Well, I figure it can be a bit of a mixture, and you can choose what you want to read & what you don't. I'm going to keep it casual, give you guys a taste of who we really are here at Cornucopia.

So a fair warning here - This probably won't get updated too regularly... Unlike some of the bigger stores who have a dedicated blogger this website is run entirely by myself, Tara, Cornucopia's manager. If you've never been to our physical store, you probably won't know that not only do we specialise in the food you can find here on the website, but we are also one of the last remaining Video Ezy's in the country, and we also run a couple NZ Post counters here too, so we are kept fairly busy.

The staff here at the store are all Wairarapa local's, who count on this business as a source of livelihood. We have a new young mum (a gorgeous 6 week old baby!), an older mother & her son, a grandmother, a young woman who works full time in one job & part time here, an older woman who is looking after her elderly father, myself and our owner Tony, who somehow manages to keep us all in line! All in all, we're a casual mixed bunch who like to have a lot of fun at work, and are dedicated to this store.

I guess what I'm saying really is, this blog isn't going to stand on ceremony, I'm not a professional writer (we have a published author on staff, but Cornucopia is my passion project). I don't have a lot of time on my hands (I've taken about half an hour to write this so far due to running off to serve customers lol), between work & my (non-existent) health.

The photo's for any of the recipes I share have been taken by myself, on a phone camera. All the recipes have been made in my kitchen at home & taste tested by myself and my sister, and none of them are terribly original, but are an easy way to make something gluten free/dairy free/allergy friendly (I have spent a fair amount of my personal time learning to modify recipes to be allergy friendly, something I would've found very helpful when I first started out eating gluten free).

It's going to be an interesting journey, seeing not only where this blog goes, but where Cornucopia goes as well, and I hope you guys stick around for the ride - Tara


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